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In Today's Webinar:

Discover 3 Secrets for Interrupting Your Clients Limiting Patterns In the Moment, While Calming and Balancing the Brain and Nervous System for Better Outcomes & Gain An Evidence-Based Technique!

Key Points In This Webinar:

  • 0:22 — Outcomes You Can Expect From This Training

  • 1:50 — Dianne Explains How RESET for Wellness Developed

  • 4:03 — See the Remarkable Results of our Data Collection and What This Means for You & Your Clients

  • 5:00 — Ways RESET for Wellness Can Be Customized for Your Clients & Results You Can Get

  • 5:40 — Case Studies & Compelling Stories of Transformation

  • 10:19 — Dianne Reveals The 3 Life-Changing Secrets 

  • 13:48 — Experience A Restorative Technique That You Can Share With Clients to Calm The Nervous System & Build Self-Regulation Skills

  • 34:50 — Why people who don't respond well to traditional therapies respond well to RESET for Wellness

  • 35:01 — Learn about this field-tested, unique approach to teaching clients how to build essential skills in an engaging way

  • 36:33 — A New Future - Discover what outcomes are possible with your clients with RESET for Wellness

  • 38:20 — Your Thank You Gift for being here today is revealed

  • 38:29 — A Special Gift for Those Who Would like to Continue To Study With Me

  • Here's Everything That You Get

    (Plus Extra Bonuses)

    You'll Gain Access To

    • Instant Access To In-depth Training on RESET for Wellness Level 1 

      [$350 Value]

    • Proven system with evidence-based techniques to get better results, that's field-tested and science-backed. Includes 30 techniques/activities from 6 different disciplines. Ongoing access to 6 online modules and a 135-page companion workbook.

    • Advance Your Career by adding Approved Wellness Facilitation Specialist

       to Your Repertoire and Resume

      [Priceless Value]

    • Enhance your skills and success, while capitalizing on the growing trend of incorporating  wellness into your practice. 

    • Advance Your Career with CE's from the National Association of Social Work

      [Priceless Value]

    • BONUS #1: The Insider's Resource Guide & Workbook and Companion Video

      [$65 Value]

    • This Workbook and Video training have been used in community centers throughout the United States to help clients build their resourcefulness and discover how to become their own advocate. Budgeting skills and holistic tips for relieving stress are also included.

    • Bonus #2: Access Your Inner Champion: Overcome Adversity & Discover Your Strengths Journal (Soon to be released!)

      [$30 Value]

    • Filled with inspiring quotes, stories, and compelling prompts, you can use this journal yourself and share it with your clients to foster resilience, resourcefulness, a growth mindset, and to embark upon a path of cultivating new habits.

    • Bonus #3: Easy Access to my AudioVisual Library of Therapeutic Teaching Stories and Breathing and Centering Techniques

      [$20/year Value, 1st year free!]

    • Bonus #4: A Donation in Your Name as you support Skill-Building Trainings for those who are marginalized so they can improve their lives

      [Priceless Value]

    Total Value: $465

    One-Time Price: $350

    Get Access Today: $199

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  • And we're just scratching the surface of

    RESET for Wellness

    See what our best customers are saying about this revolutionary program & the benefits they've received both personally and professionally.

    "A depth of experience and an advanced body of knowledge..."

    "Dianne Fanti brings a depth of experience and an advanced body of knowledge to her teaching skills and the curriculum that she has created. Her use of guided meditations, breathing and centering techniques help to calm participants agitated minds and brings them closer towards a central brain balance. She has uniquely integrated essential life skills within the expressive arts, in a format that's fun, engaging, clever, and wise. I would highly recommend her RESET for Wellness Educational Program."

    Dr. Paula Schmidt, PhD. Educational Psychologist and former School Psychologist

    "I have found the exercises extremely helpful..."

    "I have used the RESET for Wellness System throughout my practice, while working with both children and adults.  No matter what age or demographic,      I have found the exercises extremely helpful as they provide clinicians with practical tools to implement interventions that aid the client's mental health recovery process. I have appreciated learning these new techniques and find that they enhance what I'm able to offer my clients. In my experience of working one-on-one with clients, the activities included serve as great conversation starters, and they can be used to help the clients build self-regulation, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, and even provide a way in story-telling that is therapeutic with clients who wish to recount their trauma narrative in a safe and conducive manner. I've been using it for more than 2 years now and still find it helpful and use it often with clients."

    Grace Olivieri, LMSW

    "...meaningful, insightful, engaging, and help to bring the group together..."

    RESET For Wellness has proven to be an exciting, engaging, and beneficial program for both the clients and staff at our agency. Dianne has been a wonderful and dynamic leader who all have truly appreciated. The residents and staff report that the relaxation techniques are calming and soothing, relieving difficult emotions. The expressive arts and skill-builidng activities are meaningful, insightful, engaging, and help bring the group together so they can become supportive allies for each other. The staff have found the program helpful personally and professionally, and they’ve appreciated new ways to engage and work with our clients.” 

    Noreen Bey, Addiction Counselor and Residential Coordinator 

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    Total Value Price: $465

    One-Time Payment: $199 

    Yes, I Want To Ge Access To RESET for Wellness!
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